Sunday, December 7, 2008

World War II Started Today Many Years Ago

Today I was watching a documentary on the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. I read Bama Bell's blog on her grandfather that was in World War II, and I started to think about my Dad he was in Germany in WWII, this was before I was born. I do remember when I was a child he still having a hard time with sleeping, if he went to bed with the lights on they had to stay on, if they were off you couldn't turn them off for any reason, it would wake him and he would have an upset stomache, so until the day he died in 1964, at age 40, when Dad went to bed we all went to bed. My grandfather was in WWI, and my husband was in Viet Nam. I really think about our soldiers today and the things they are going through. Being away from their families and the fighting. God please be with them and especially throught the holidays when it is so hard for them, God Bless them and their families.


jennifer said...

Great post. We owe the men and women who serve and who have served our country a debt of gratitude.

Me Maw said...

My Dad served in WWII in Guadalcanal...he only began to talk about his experience when he was about 70 years old. Now my son is serving in the army.

I think of our military guys and gals almost daily, past and present ones serving.

Leigh said...

Indeed! Great post! I admire anyone who decides to enlist. Truly honorable.

Debbie said...

What a great post. We all need to pray daily for our military brothers and sisters, thanks for the reminder.

Bama Belle said...

Such a great history this nation has! What an honor to know your family was so vital to it. Thank you for your family's service and for sharing it with all of us!
God Bless

Mrs. Darling said...

My fatherinlaw was in the war too. We really owe so much!

HOPE said...

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I don't know if you are aware that the man who called out Tora Tora Tora on the attack of Pearl Harbor became a CHRISTIAN!
Mitsuo Fuchida. An amazing story..a wonderful story. He also became an Evangelist. You can read his testimony in the book...God's Samuai(Lead Pilot At Pearl Harbor) by Gordon W. Prange.

God bless..