Friday, December 5, 2008

Wonderful Day for Christmas

This year the Accounting Department decided that instead of us buying gifts for each other like we do every year that we would take up donations and buy gifts for Seniors. Everyone helps children at Christmas but most people forget the Seniors. Everyone got on board, and our thrifty shoppers Karen, Lovell, and Lynn, who can find a bargin before anyone else, we collected $620. We were able to fix 24 gift bags with different items in them. Blanket, Towel, Wash Cloth, Lotion, shampoo, gum, candy, brush and comb, manicure kit, puzzels, kitchen towel, jar grippers, and Klenenex. We felt so good that we were doing what was in our hearts and it meant so much because thats what we should be doing is giving instead of receiving. We need to remember that "Jesus is the reason for the season!" Thank you Lords for opening everyone's hearts. Jason our Boss took the whole Department along with Mac and Diana to Lunch at Dales in Vestavia.


Me Maw said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am always pleasantly surprised when someone new passes my way.

What a wonderful idea making those gift bags. Christmas really should be about helping those more needy and less fortunate.

Blessings, peace & all that is good.

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Thanks for coming over to visit my blog..What a nice way to spend the
Have a Blessed Holiday Season.

Putz said...

very sorry...just saw bama get beat for the first time this year...but on the positive side they were beat by the new and will stay national there

Putz said...

oh tyhough it is no skin off my nose cause number 6 utah or utar is my main interest

Leigh said...

What a fabulous and unselfish idea. That is what Christmas is about! I LOVE this!!!! It makes me smile to see the good theree is in the world. Ann Murray sang a song telling of getting sick of hearing all the bad news on tV. I am like I love to hear about this!Good for y'all!

Polly & Steve said...

Thanks for your comments but at least we play a good game and were good sports and Florida didn't beat us by 30 points, like they did everyone else they beat. My husband says we may be playing Utah in a bowl game and if we do look out! (smile)