Monday, December 29, 2008

2 Christmas eve

Bill and Katie even in auburn shirts......

They loved their Roomba vaccum cleaner, their dogs love to chase it too!

Dad and his House Shoes
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Anonymous said...

I used to have two Roombas, but with all the cat hair they both died in a few months. Now I just use my inexpensive little upright vacuum from Wal-Mart. I think they will love their Roomba. I used to set mine working when I left in the morning, and when I would come back each evening I would have freshly vacuumed floors! It was so nice! I'm so persnickety that I have to vacuum every day or two. I just can't stand dirt or cat hair on the floors. Can you tell I have never had children (or a husband)? I'll bet if I had a family I wouldn't be quite so persnickety!

Polly & Steve said...

I hope they love it, they have 3 dogs. Thank you for your report. It is nice to know that it works.