Monday, December 29, 2008

Steve and his Bama Shirt He loved it but Bill didn't (smile)

Boo Boo loved his Monkey and elephant.

This all of the Stallings, it was a great day, Santa didn't
get to come by on the fire truck and it made us sad next
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Putz said...

it is getting so so so close to the bama utah game, we have fron't page news articles everyday tsalmking about how the layoff might hurt utah/s chances against bama, and about a third of my readers are from alabama, and they as you are very hard to live people really have been into this football tradition a long tiome and us guy here in utar are new at it....what do i do to get ready..????we are only one in the world unbeaten now that boise state got knocked off by tcu....maybe i shoyld make me a shirt that says UNBEATEN on it...ya think????

Polly & Steve said...

Great Idea! Yes, it is getting close....getting nervous? (Smile) Don't worry, we won't rub it in.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome family!