Friday, October 31, 2008

Braelinn Village Parage 2008

Candy stuffing before the Parade

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Here is Carol, Karen, and Jennifer after working hard stuffing candy bags for the parade. Lisa is always here but she had a new grandson born this day and somethings are more important.! Congrats Lisa, and thanks Ladies.

Brinkley loves Peanut Butter too!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scotty and his dracula teeth

Here is Scotty my friend Carol's dog and his teeth are natural and we all love to look at them, they are great for Halloween! The trouble is he has to keep them all year around. (Smile) He is one of our walking buddies!
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Welcome home Dad - Love Boo Boo

When Steve gets home he is a OTR Trucker, Brinkley has to wash his face and tell him welcome home Dad, he has to play and run and show how much he loves him.
Steve has to wash his face after Brinkley is finished, ha ha ha
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Some of my Flowers in the Fall

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Steve's Mother's Flowers

Steve's Mother (Imonell) gave us a piece of this flower when we moved back from Wisconsin our of her garden in Fort Payne, where she had an apartment. Every year in the fall when these bloom and for as long as they last, the sweet memories of how much she loved flowers and her garden. She had a green thumb and could make anything grow and bloom.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Door to Door Salespersons!

Today my husband was at home after a Dr. appointment, and a young man came to the door to sell Kirby Vaccum cleaners. Helena has a law about selling things door to door, you have to purchase a license so that everything is on the up and up. Its for the protection for the people of the neighborhood or the city . So Steve ask the young man for his permit and he said he didn't need one, and he was very rude. Steve went on to talk to him about how salespeople tried to sell things to the elderly people when they didn't need them or could not afford it. All of this brought memories back of when Mother was disabled and had to live on her disability check (which was very little). The young salesgirl made my Mother believe that she needed this machine, when she had no breath to even walk accross the room, much less able to vaccum. She thought she was helping them get a sale and a commission and if there was anything my Mother loved to do, was to help someone. It was only $10. a month for I forget for how many years. My Mother couldn't afford $10 a month, so I paid for her cleaner with the shampoo attachment. My Mother had to take so much expensive medication, that since there was no more medicaid that helped with the meds she had to pay for all she needed herself, breathing was important so she needed all of it. We paid the difference and I didn't mind one bit, My Mother was so proud that it really bothered her that someone had to help her. She moved in with us the last 2 years of her life, I wouldn't take anything for one minute of the time I had with her. I miss her so, it is awful when you don't have a living parent.

I am getting totally getting off the subject. I called the city hall and could get no one, lunch time!
So I called the Police, they are in the same building, to check it out. Needless to say they had to move on to another town! Yeah Helena's Finest!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jason - Boss's Day

We have a great Boss that is very kind and puts up with all of us girls, so for Boss's day we took him to his favorite restaurante "La Paz" at 99 Euclid Ave, B'ham. We had a great time and enjoyed his company along with his wife. She showed us her quilt that she is making and man was it beautiful, pink and brown. She is pieceing it by hand like my Mother and Grandmother did, I was really impressed. It is really wonderful to have the younger generation do things the old way instead of being in a hurry to be done. (3 cheers for Kensey).

Fearless Leader

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Accounting without Mell...

Mell didn't get to celebrate with us today because Gaines,
her husband had surgery yesterday. Everything went wonderfully!
Sometimes when we pray we need to believe in what we ask Him for because the answer is on the way. Thank you Jesus for everything!
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Dancing with the Stars........

Well I was hoping Steve would be home tonight but he had a blow out on the trailer he was pulling....part of the trucking business. I watched one of my favorite shows, "Dancing with the stars" I am not enjoying it as much as I use to, guess I am not as interested this time. I loved to dance and I wish I could dance but since 3 knee surgeries and some arthritis I can't move like I use to. Before I started to school, my Dad took my Mom and me to a neighborhood bar/cafe to meet one of the men he was in WWII in Germany with. During dinner I got a nickle and went to the jute box and played "See you later Aligator" by Bill Bailey and the Comets, I danced and danced by my self as only a preschool little girl can, everyone in the bar gave me more nickles and I played the song over and over and danced all night. You would have thought everyone would have gotten tired of listening to the same old song, over and over again, but as long as they gave me the nickles that jute box, played and played and I danced! That was the first time I fell in love with Rock in Roll! I remember starting school and making friends with a girl named Bonnie Baumeister. We played jacks, jumped rope, and most of all we danced together and did cheers and just had a wonderful time. I still send Christmas cards to I loved line dancing while we lived in Texas...I took some classes to learn. Listing to the Oldies makes me smile and my feet just want to start moving and they just want to dance. The days of wonderful music and dancing bring back such memories. I remember going to school dances in the 7th grade and the boys sat on one side and the girls on the other. The girls danced the fast dances together and then when the slow dances the boys would cross the gym floor and ask to dance...sometimes them selves and sometimes they would get their best friends to ask you to dance with them. (smile). I loved the cha cha and all the wonderful dances, like the bop, the twist, mash potato, the monster mash ( for halloween), the pony, the stroll. I use to hurry home from school and watch American Bandstand and then the Mickey Mouse Club. We always dreamed that when we were in high school we could be on Bandstand I fell in love with Elvis and collected all of his 45's (I wish I still had all of them) Those were the days! I am telling my age, but that is ok too! Dance and have a ball every chance you can Music is the best thing in the world to lift your spirits and it is great to clean house with!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brinkley's Check up

Yesterday was Brinkley's checkup for his diabetes. He has to go and spend the day at the vet and they take his blood so many times during the day to see if the insulin is doing what it is suppose to do. I went to pick him up and the Dr. said his insulin level was good and to continue what I was doing. Brinkley, heard my voice and I heard him pitching a fit to get to me. The Dr. said I think he hears y ou.....ha ha ha! Well they brought him around the counter and he made a bee line for me and about ate me alive! (sweet baby) I tried to get him to do some of his tricks and he kept looking at the door and then at me as if to say "Get me out of here Momma". The Dr. said I think he wants to go home. She was right!!! The new Vet working for Dr. Gaddis is very young...I have finally gotten her to stop calling Brinkley a her. I corrected her everytime over the past few times. The time I picked him up from his surgery she called him a her and I just looked at him and said "Boo Boo, the Dr. thinks you are so pretty that you should have been a girl" and laughed....She said oops! I know you have told me before and he has blue paper work, I am so sorry! I said don't worry about it. So today, she almost said her and caught her self...(snicker). I don't mean to be mean or what but he has been going there for 9 years even though she hasn't been there. I have come to the conclusion that she must have girl pets and it is hard for her to think boys! (smile) He got a good report thats all that matters is that she takes wonderful care of my baby! Yeah!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day - Sam's Birthday

October 12 is the official Columbus day and it was Steve's Dad's Birthday. Sam.
Sam was the most wonderful amazing man! I will never forget his Birthday or him. Kind is to putting it mildly. My whole married life Sam always made me feel special and welcomed into the Stallings family. He was a great husband, father, grandfather, and father-in-law. My Dad died when I was 16 and so when I married Steve, Sam became my Dad too. I remember one time when I didn't have a job he came over to our house and I walked him to the car and he slipped $20 in my hand and said "Spend that on your self and don't tell anyone you have it." This was back in the 70's. He was so like his Mother -- Mommy Stallings where money was concerned, he was very frugal but he gave it to whom ever he wanted to. (smile) Back then $20 dollars was a lot of money, you could buy a whole bag of groceries!!!!! Now you get a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk! hahahah PaPa Sam loved his children and really loved his grandsons. Thats all we had was 5 boys, Ronny and Paula had 3, Danna & Bruce had 2, and Steve and I had 1. He love his boys but I always think if he had gotten to to see his great granddaughters he would have been nothing but "butter" in there hands. Danna has 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson, Ronnie has 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Other than my adopted grandchildren, Billy and Katie are waiting til she is out of school, My Katie is going to be a engineer. Sam and Imonell would have loved their big family. We miss them both dearly. Happy Birthday PaPa.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blog Following

They have a new gadget to see who is following our blog, I think it will be cool to see who is reading our blog. Please sign up.

Yesterday Excitement!!!!!!!

I had a Dr. Appointment and had to leave early, I got home at a decent time and Brinkley didn't meet me at the door with that little face in the window.(we always say how much is that doggie in the window) I went in and he didn't come out of his box, I had to coax him. The place where he had the fatty tumor removed was as big if not bigger than my fist! Scared me to death! I called the vet and took him over and they remove 42 (whatever) with a needle! I was so worried, she gave me one pain pill broken in half and charged me $15, man o man was that the pits! Next time I am going to tell them not to give me a plastic bottle or I can bring my own! hahahahah and charge me less. She said they would have to do it again the it happens some time when they have surgery. It would have been nice if they had told me so I wouldn't have freeked out. (smile)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Braelinn Village Parade

On Holloween day in our neighborhood, we have a parade for the children, young and not so young, dog babies, parents, and grandparents. We have Mr. Dave, our neighborhood clown (he is a Shriner) lead the parade starting at 5pm. We have bags of candy at the end of the parade route to hand out to the kids and and then they are off and running to hit everyhouse. Needless to say you need lots of candy. We have people drop their kids off because we have 100 houses and really good people (like most neighborhoods) Since my baby is 37 and Brinkley is 9, we usually take pictures and enjoy watching. This kids I know, I try to guess who they are. One year a young man and his sister came back after being gone a couple of years and I had to look and look and then he had to tell me who he was.....he got a big laugh about that! One of our kids birthday is Holloween and her family goes all out on the decorations. I guess we are all kids at heart!


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Monday, October 6, 2008

Dad Keeping the Truck Clean

Steve was glad to get his truck out of the garage and
get it cleaned up and his stuff (which is a lot of stuff)
back into his truck. He has to have his xm radio and his
TV and his goodie basket. Roll on Daddy!
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Sunday Car Wash

Steve and I washed my car...I just live my car! since it is
the first new one I have bought since 1991! Of course we
are still driving the '91 Mustang. I sure do thank my
husband for starting and letting me help keeping
my car clean. I had to drive to work today, Sharon is taking
a cake decorating class, and next week she is on vacation.
so I had better get use to driving! (smile)
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Busy Weekend

I took off Friday and had Breakfast ready for when Brittany, Jakki, and Kerry got to our house from Dallas, Texas. They were going to Talladega Races, Kerry drives in the races in Texas and this is his first time to go here, they all had a wonderful time. I didn't get to spend as much time with them and I would have liked but any time is wonderful. Brittany had to be back for her Nursing Classes at Stephenville, TX by 11:00 today. She made it but I wonder who keep her awake! Ha Ha! While she was here we went over finishing her quilt, she is so smart....I am glad she is interested in quilting and other things most girls are not at her age. We spent lots of time eating and eating and eating......I hope they enjoyed eating it as much as I loved cooking for them. I wish they lived closer, Brittany says when she buys her ranch she is building Steve and I a log cabin so that we can take care of her babies.....Can't wait for the day the babies are here, but you have to have a husband hurry, wait for the right one.

Sunday off to the Races and then home to Texas

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His poor little teeth, he had such beautiful teeth,
Steve calls him snaggle puss! Poor Baby.
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Boo Boo is Better

Brinkley got his stiches out of his tummy Sat. and is doing good!
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Jakki and Kerry

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