Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I feel vindicated about the Racoon that was in my back yard, I got an apology from the chief of police that the dispatcher should have sent someone and instead of sending me to the Shelby County Sherriff (by the way they do not do anything in the City limits of Helena) but they gave me the number to the State Game Warden. Helena animal control doesn't come out for non domestic animals but they should have sent an officer out. The apology made me feel a lot better since we have always have had help from the police department whenever we needed it. I sent an email to Mayor Pennhale and I am sure he call attention about the situation. Thanks Mayor!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Raccoon Scare

Last night I had a really bad scare, I let Brinkley out in the back yard so I could watch the rest of Grey's Anatomy, I heard him growling and that is not like him so I go out side and there is a 25 lb raccoon! Well, I threw something at it and hit it and I thought it would run, wrong!, it charged us. I grabbed Brinkley and the raccoon charged the glass door. Anytime I went outside it started coming at me. I didn't know if it was sick or what. I called the Helena Police and they don't take care of that and to call the Shelby County Sherriff, well they don't do that either and gave me the name for the State Game Warden. I called the 800 number and the lady said she would get in touch with someone at Montevallo. That person call me and said why didn't I shoot it and I preceeded to tell him we had a law about discharging fire arms in the city limits. So he had to drive down and shoot it and take it off. He said he didn't believe it was sick, it looked too healthy. Man! what a night! Next time I wont waste my time, I will just find Steve gun and help it to heaven!!!!! (smile) I took some pictures on my cell phone and a video on my camera but I will have to download those later.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wonderful News! Brittany is coming Oct 2!

Brittany (my granddaughter) is coming the weekend of the Talledega Race! I hope Sergio comes with her (my grandson). Her Mom Jakki and her husband Kerry are bringing them. I will be so glad to see them I haven't seen them since last summer and longer for Sergio. Sergio graduates from High School in December. He is the most artistic young person I know. He use to draw when he was 3 - 4 and was fantastic, I hope he takes it back up and uses it for his career.

Last year!
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Cruise last year.
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I brought these clothes back to them from Hawaii!
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Little Ones

This is when they were small.
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Brinkley's Progress

Little Boo Boo is getting better everyday! He is all perked up and playful. I am still having a time to keep him from licking his stiches which are another week and 1/2 away from coming out. He is eating good, still a little "whinney" but he wants his mommy attention when I get home from work.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Long Weekend

Well we made it through the weekend with Brinkley's surgery which was 8 teeth instead of 4. He was one pityful puppy! Steve called him snaggle tooth all weekend. I cried Friday because he looked so pityful! But as the weekend progressed he started to perk up, and when we walked aroung the circle he started to priss a little and that made me feel better. Sunday, he was even better, he walked around 2 blocks and did fine, he goes back for stitches out in 2 weeks, if he doesn't bite them out before. We had a terrible time getting him to drink water, so I had to use a dropper and keep him hydrated. I knew he really felt bad when he would eat his favorite Puppy Ice Cream. Needless to say it was a rough weekend and Steve had to leave for North Carolina at noon. (bummer) Steve broke the antenna on his xm radio and was really upset ( we finally found something he likes and can't do without). I went to best buy in Alabaster and they gave me another one. That is twice that they have helped me out for nothing! Best Buy has not always been my favorite store but it is quickley becoming one!!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Brinkley Surgery

Brinkley had surgery today and had to have 4 teeth removed. and a Fatty tumor removed from his chest. He is going to be one unhappy camper when I leave work to pick him up. I know everyone thinks I am crazy but with Steve on the road and for 9 years you get that unconditional love from a Bichon that has the best personality. I don't really care. With the diabetis he has has so much done. I talked to my Bill last night and he was doing better with his new job, he and Katie are going to the Auburn game, it will do them both good. Bill says Katie is enjoying her classes....Yeah Katie! Maybe they can come over soon and visit. How mauldin (sp) you can tell steve has been gone all week. Roll Tide

Brinkley's Surgery - & Roll Tide

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Turner & Lovell

This is Turner Lovell's first grandson and now she is having a granddaughter, her name will be Kelsey. Dana got lots of stuff
the bad thing was the air conditioning was broken and we were in a sweat lodge.! HA I made me sick. Karen brought the sandwiches, spinach dip Lynn brought the punch...delious) I did the cake and it was so hot in the rented building that the icing melted, and we didn't have trouble melting the punch! (smile)
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Kelsey's Baby Shower - Not long

Saturday we had a baby shower for Lovells Son Brad and Daughter in law Dana.
She gots lots of presents and the only night mare was the heat!
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Monday, September 8, 2008

GodChildren (The best heaven sent angels)

Chris, Maddy, and Jon

Maddy Looks like an Angel

Chris is all grown up...I will have to knock the girls off!

And then there is Jon! Angelic car salesman!

Here are new pictures of my 3 Godchildren "Chris", "Maddie", and then "Jon"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day 2008

Bill and Katie came over for Dinner along with Copper (their baby), they were suppose to come over about 3 pm and called and said that they were going to be late and about 6:15 or so....they came over with a suprise...the purchased a new car (to them) A beautiful Accura. Bill has a new job and he has to visit all the stores and his Volvo has been acting ugly so they found this car at the recommendation of one of their friends...Beautiful Car.
Steve grilled chicken, steaks, pork chops, and hamburgers. I fixed baked potato and salad, and for a treat Shrimp and Grits....this receipe was from one of Dianne's Christmas parties and Steve didn't think he would like it and he loved it! (Yeah)

Labor Day with Copper and Brinkley

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Bath Day

Bath day is not one of Brinkley's favorite things but he does look beautiful!
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