Friday, September 26, 2008

Raccoon Scare

Last night I had a really bad scare, I let Brinkley out in the back yard so I could watch the rest of Grey's Anatomy, I heard him growling and that is not like him so I go out side and there is a 25 lb raccoon! Well, I threw something at it and hit it and I thought it would run, wrong!, it charged us. I grabbed Brinkley and the raccoon charged the glass door. Anytime I went outside it started coming at me. I didn't know if it was sick or what. I called the Helena Police and they don't take care of that and to call the Shelby County Sherriff, well they don't do that either and gave me the name for the State Game Warden. I called the 800 number and the lady said she would get in touch with someone at Montevallo. That person call me and said why didn't I shoot it and I preceeded to tell him we had a law about discharging fire arms in the city limits. So he had to drive down and shoot it and take it off. He said he didn't believe it was sick, it looked too healthy. Man! what a night! Next time I wont waste my time, I will just find Steve gun and help it to heaven!!!!! (smile) I took some pictures on my cell phone and a video on my camera but I will have to download those later.

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Jenn said...

And exactly WHY couldn't Brinkley take him? Hmmm? He should have had him in a head lock and pig tied by the time the warden got there!