Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fun pictures

My little nurse and bed buddie, if he doesnt make you smile and help you get better quickley I dont know what would. (Smile)

Boo Boo sitting at the door at 9pm waiting on his date!

He always welcomes Dad home with lots of kisses!

What a face.

Beautiful Moth - Steve

Steve found this moth in our flowers, I think it was sick...because it didnt fly off, after Steve brought it in the house he took it back to where he got, he said he thought it was dying, how
beautiful God's creatures are. When I was in High School, in Biology we had to do a bug collection what I wouldnt have given to have had one of these....automatic A...I made a A but it was so boring compared to this beautiful Moth....I don't think I could have killed it. I love nature and we have butterfly bushes and lots of flowers and we seem to draw butterflies and othe things.
Love Love it.

Brinkley's girlfriend "Snowflake"

This is Brinkley and his girlfriend Snowflake, or Snowbaby and we fondly refer to her.
My friends and neighbors Doug and his 2 daughters have walked Brinkley at 9 every evening that Steve is not here. Brinkley gets so excited that at 9 he comes in the living room like where is my friends to walk me. They have really been good to us and They are true blessings. I have told them they don't have to keep it up but evidently Snowbabie wants to see her boy friend.
They are so cute!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sergio Graduation!

My grandson graduated from high school this May and I am so proud of him. I got senior pictures Saturday and I will scan later. I am so proud of him. His whole life he has been an artist. I would like him to go to a Arts School. Right now he says he can't make up his mind and doesn't really care about college , (he took a few classes in High School and the local college) now, I am hoping he changes his mind later

The last two weekend 's we have gone to Decoration and have one more to go.
We were brought up to honor the family that have gone on with flowers. Today
my son has no interest in going to decorations...guess we will have to leave a perpetual fund...hahaha....I laugh but its not funny...its sad.
I am getting over the depression of not being abl e to go back to work. I am retired...
not by choice but necessity......boo hoo. (Smile) I will have to learn what to do with
myself. I've got a few things in the planning, when I get stronger.....