Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentine's Day Give Away

Penelope Poet
Penelope Poet is sponsoring a Valentine's Day contest through an blogger who lives in Dubai. The winner of the contest will receive a dainty Gold Oval Locket ($185 retail) that holds two photos. If you will remember, Penelope Poet was kind enough to provide Jessica a heirloom quality necklace marking the birth of her first son. (Jessica's Baby Shower)To enter the contest, simply visit the following link, and leave a comment! I thought you might like to get in on the action. Good luck.http://www.sandierpastures.com/blog-carnivals/perfect-for-valentines-day-penelope-poet-jewelry-giveaway.html#comment-80186Contest ends January 31st. Kindly spread the word!


The other day I looked out my window at work and here was a big hawk sitting in a tree praying. (smile) This is not a great picture but it will do, this was a really long way off. He was hugh when he had his wings spread out. It was one of the largest ones I had ever seen. Have you ever had a dream about flying? I did once and it was the absolute most wonderful dream, the feelings of just picking up and flying on your own made me feel like I had never felt before, I woke up and tried to go back to sleep to finish dreaming and couldn't, it was really frustration!
Polly and Steve
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Monday, January 26, 2009

My "Awww...Monday"

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I have joined the "Awww...Mondays" club.. my friend Jennifer sent it to me, Kimmie (one of her friends) of Pretty Amazing Grace started it and here are her rules.

Happy Monday Friends!
I have decided to start a meme of my own called "Awww...Mondays"
I feel it would be nice to start the week off with photos that will make people smile.
If you would like to participate just leave a comment in my post and I will come by and visit your blog. If I get enough bloggers who would like to do this, I will find out how to do a Mister Linky Box. :-)
Any type of photo is fine. Your own personal, one that you may have received in an email, or found on your own. As long as it is cute enough to make you say "Awww" it will work!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Contest results for Christmas are in.

I just found out that we won 2nd place in the Christmas decoration contest in our neighborhood! Suprise Suprise! Of course this was in the whimiscal part and not traditional but I am whiniscal anyway! I told Steve that the Teddy Bear that I am partial too and the new deer did it! Well next year we have a new elephant standing on a ball (this is lighted) yeah! Look out neighbors! Steve told me that someone took pictures of our house but I thought he was pulling my chain....guess not. I love to decorate and I love to sit and look at the lights.


My Granddaughter has a new boyfriend, His names is James, and he is a rodeo rider. School started back for her at Tarleton the 12th of January and I believe the word she used was overwhelming! She is in nursing and I know it is hard but she loves it. She has always said that when she gets her ranch that she will build Steve and I a house on her property, so that I can take care of her babies like we did her and Serg.....(good thought) Hope I not to old to go by then....hahahha! Love this Kid, her heart is so big.

Brittany and James

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Brittany's got a new Boyfriend

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In Memory to Patsy Keys

Patsy Keys was married to my 1st cousin JT, they have lived in Crossville, AL their entire married life, pass away Saturday and was burried yesterday. She just turned 65 the 10th of December and died on the 10th of January. She had 2 children and several grandchildren. A kinder person you will never meet. She had so many flowers that they were almost outside the funeral home. Patsy had a green thumb and grew all kinds of flowers in her yard and everyone knew that she love flowers. The funeral home was so full that it took almost an hour to get to the room to visit the family. It speaks to your life when everyone in town comes to your funeral. My cousin was the comic in the marriage and Pat was the quite and always had a smile on her face. Hard worker, great Mother, wonderful friend, She will be surely missed. Our family reunions in August won't be the same, she works behind the scenes, and helps where ever she can.
I know her Daughter and she were real close, and I really feel for her, it is so hard to loose a Mother..... We really need to pray for this family. Thanks for listening to my dribble. I will write more later...haven't been in a writing mood.
Hugs to everyone.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


You just don't appreciate the Sunshine until you have the rain that we have had. Dark and gloomy days just brings the spirit down, but when the sun pops its head out, it just makes you feel great! When you get down on rainny days I always wonder how Noah made it 40 days and 40 nights. How much grumbling he got from his family and the animals (smile). It just goes to show you we need the rain for spring flowers. I use to love the song the "April Showers". I love the old songs.

Through April Showers may come your way
They bring the flowers that bloom in may
So if its raining, have no regrets
Because it isn't raining rain, you know, its raining violets.

So when you see clouds upon a hill
There soon will be crowds of daffidols
So keep on looking for a Blue Bird and
Listening for his songs
When ever April showers come along.

I realize the its January and not April but we have needed water...And God said He would supply all of our needs. I am trying to think of all the drops that fell are "Pennies from Heaven" (another old song). Another song I like to sing to pick up my spirits is the "Red Red Robin". We use to sing a lot of these songs in Choir in high school, Ms Volkman loved them and she would really get to swinging to them...she introduced us to these beautiful songs in the 60's when most of us want to hear Elvis, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, etc....... She gave us a liking for all kinds of music and for that I really appreciate her. We sung for one of our programs "One God". Can you imagine children getting to sing that in schools now! Some of the people would choke! Ha Ha Ha! Thank you Lord for your many blessings of memories and the ability to remember them, for as long as we can.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gene Truitt

I found out from my friend Carol that Gene passed away and that they had a grave side service for the family. Mr. Gene was one of the most gentle, kind, and helpful man. When we first moved to the neighborhood he was on the Board of Directors for the BVHA. He told me about how many years he was president and all the work they did to get the neighborhood off the ground. Gene made all the Street Posts and Signs in his wood shop. Ms Elsie was over the Garden Club when we had it, she love flowers and a beautiful yard. After she passed the neighborhood bought 4 trees and planted them along the drive. Mr. Gene was always so sad after she passed. I was really sad when he moved close to his son Martin. The only nice thing that happend was we got the Whatley's and they are a great family. My other Buddy George passed several years ago and is a great loss for both of these fine gentlemen and I emphasize gentle. God Bless their families.

And Then:

See how Brinkley is laying down on the Job, well I don't
know what happened to our beloved team but I have
always said that on any given day it was who ever wanted
to win...could. Congrats Putz, Utah did a fine job of walking
all over us.....smile. You said they would because they wanted
it. It really made us sad, I went in the other room so I didn't
get the brunt of the game day fussing! Ha Ha Brinkley could have
cared less about the game, just Steve and me. I am so looking
forward to next year!
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Sugar Bowl

We were excited waiting for the game with our Sugar Bowl
Tee Shirts.
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