Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My Granddaughter has a new boyfriend, His names is James, and he is a rodeo rider. School started back for her at Tarleton the 12th of January and I believe the word she used was overwhelming! She is in nursing and I know it is hard but she loves it. She has always said that when she gets her ranch that she will build Steve and I a house on her property, so that I can take care of her babies like we did her and Serg.....(good thought) Hope I not to old to go by then....hahahha! Love this Kid, her heart is so big.

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Me Maw said...

Hey! I have agranddaughter named Brittney and she has a new boyfriend also. She's a few years younger than your Brittney (sounds like). She will have her very first date this April...she is attending a prom. She is so excited! Grandchildren are pretty grand don't you think?