Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The other day I looked out my window at work and here was a big hawk sitting in a tree praying. (smile) This is not a great picture but it will do, this was a really long way off. He was hugh when he had his wings spread out. It was one of the largest ones I had ever seen. Have you ever had a dream about flying? I did once and it was the absolute most wonderful dream, the feelings of just picking up and flying on your own made me feel like I had never felt before, I woke up and tried to go back to sleep to finish dreaming and couldn't, it was really frustration!
Polly and Steve
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Leigh said...

I love hawks! How neat! I have never had a flying dream, I know most people do....maybe it is because of my fear of heights.

jennifer said...

We love to Hawk spot. There was one that was in the same spot all of the time when we lived in Blount county. We loved seeing him.

Jenn said...

What a great work day distraction! I would say "no" to the flying dream...I'm insanely afraid of heights!
Take care!

Putz said...

MY WINTER BIRDS ARE hERE, YA....they are loved...makes my winter special