Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gene Truitt

I found out from my friend Carol that Gene passed away and that they had a grave side service for the family. Mr. Gene was one of the most gentle, kind, and helpful man. When we first moved to the neighborhood he was on the Board of Directors for the BVHA. He told me about how many years he was president and all the work they did to get the neighborhood off the ground. Gene made all the Street Posts and Signs in his wood shop. Ms Elsie was over the Garden Club when we had it, she love flowers and a beautiful yard. After she passed the neighborhood bought 4 trees and planted them along the drive. Mr. Gene was always so sad after she passed. I was really sad when he moved close to his son Martin. The only nice thing that happend was we got the Whatley's and they are a great family. My other Buddy George passed several years ago and is a great loss for both of these fine gentlemen and I emphasize gentle. God Bless their families.


Leigh said...

My deepest condolances to you both on your loss.

jennifer said...

Oh Polly, I am so sorry.

Bama Belle said...

My deepest sympathy. Seems a few souls have gone on to our Lord over the past few days. I will be praying for you dearest friend