Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And Then:

See how Brinkley is laying down on the Job, well I don't
know what happened to our beloved team but I have
always said that on any given day it was who ever wanted
to win...could. Congrats Putz, Utah did a fine job of walking
all over us.....smile. You said they would because they wanted
it. It really made us sad, I went in the other room so I didn't
get the brunt of the game day fussing! Ha Ha Brinkley could have
cared less about the game, just Steve and me. I am so looking
forward to next year!
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Leigh said...

Yes, it is behind us now. Lte look forward to next year (and AL basketball.)
I love the picture of your dog!!

I got your comment about the DWTS tour. The tour is just a showcase of some of the dances that were done. It has stars from seasons past and present. No, no one kicks kicked off. I should have worded it differntly. But when I said that they "kicked off the tour" menaing, it began or started. My fault. It is a great show. If you get a chance, I suggest you see it.

Polly & Steve said...

I would love to see it. Since I love dancing. Thanks Leigh

Mrs. C said...

Brinkley is so cuuuute.

jennifer said...

Miss Polly, I am adding you to my blogroll, OK? Makes it easier for me to keep up with you :)

jennifer said...

Lucky you! I am not a tagger so you are TOTALLY not tagged in my post today. That links to you. Not being tagged. :)