Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jason - Boss's Day

We have a great Boss that is very kind and puts up with all of us girls, so for Boss's day we took him to his favorite restaurante "La Paz" at 99 Euclid Ave, B'ham. We had a great time and enjoyed his company along with his wife. She showed us her quilt that she is making and man was it beautiful, pink and brown. She is pieceing it by hand like my Mother and Grandmother did, I was really impressed. It is really wonderful to have the younger generation do things the old way instead of being in a hurry to be done. (3 cheers for Kensey).


Cajunchic said...

Isnt it great to have a good boss? I have had my fair share of bad ones but have an excellent one now so I know how nice it is.

Mrs. Darling said...

Welcome to blog world!