Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day - Sam's Birthday

October 12 is the official Columbus day and it was Steve's Dad's Birthday. Sam.
Sam was the most wonderful amazing man! I will never forget his Birthday or him. Kind is to putting it mildly. My whole married life Sam always made me feel special and welcomed into the Stallings family. He was a great husband, father, grandfather, and father-in-law. My Dad died when I was 16 and so when I married Steve, Sam became my Dad too. I remember one time when I didn't have a job he came over to our house and I walked him to the car and he slipped $20 in my hand and said "Spend that on your self and don't tell anyone you have it." This was back in the 70's. He was so like his Mother -- Mommy Stallings where money was concerned, he was very frugal but he gave it to whom ever he wanted to. (smile) Back then $20 dollars was a lot of money, you could buy a whole bag of groceries!!!!! Now you get a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk! hahahah PaPa Sam loved his children and really loved his grandsons. Thats all we had was 5 boys, Ronny and Paula had 3, Danna & Bruce had 2, and Steve and I had 1. He love his boys but I always think if he had gotten to to see his great granddaughters he would have been nothing but "butter" in there hands. Danna has 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson, Ronnie has 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Other than my adopted grandchildren, Billy and Katie are waiting til she is out of school, My Katie is going to be a engineer. Sam and Imonell would have loved their big family. We miss them both dearly. Happy Birthday PaPa.

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rxdawg said...

Thanks for sharing the date Aunt Polly. I'm puting Sam's b-day on my PDA calendar right now. I miss them both all the time.
lots of love