Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Braelinn Village Parade

On Holloween day in our neighborhood, we have a parade for the children, young and not so young, dog babies, parents, and grandparents. We have Mr. Dave, our neighborhood clown (he is a Shriner) lead the parade starting at 5pm. We have bags of candy at the end of the parade route to hand out to the kids and and then they are off and running to hit everyhouse. Needless to say you need lots of candy. We have people drop their kids off because we have 100 houses and really good people (like most neighborhoods) Since my baby is 37 and Brinkley is 9, we usually take pictures and enjoy watching. This kids I know, I try to guess who they are. One year a young man and his sister came back after being gone a couple of years and I had to look and look and then he had to tell me who he was.....he got a big laugh about that! One of our kids birthday is Holloween and her family goes all out on the decorations. I guess we are all kids at heart!

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