Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yesterday Excitement!!!!!!!

I had a Dr. Appointment and had to leave early, I got home at a decent time and Brinkley didn't meet me at the door with that little face in the window.(we always say how much is that doggie in the window) I went in and he didn't come out of his box, I had to coax him. The place where he had the fatty tumor removed was as big if not bigger than my fist! Scared me to death! I called the vet and took him over and they remove 42 (whatever) with a needle! I was so worried, she gave me one pain pill broken in half and charged me $15, man o man was that the pits! Next time I am going to tell them not to give me a plastic bottle or I can bring my own! hahahahah and charge me less. She said they would have to do it again the it happens some time when they have surgery. It would have been nice if they had told me so I wouldn't have freeked out. (smile)

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