Friday, February 6, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I was catching up on my reading and guess what happened to me.....I was awarded The Honest Scrap Award by sweet fellow blogger 7th Heaven . Ann-Marie usually write the sweetest things to me and makes me feel great......Thank you. She was awarded it by a fellow blogger that she follows 5 vinez monkeys. Imagine my surprise when I read to the end and saw that she had bestowed this honor on me. Ann-marie said that she knows sometimes this blogging thing seems "odd" how could you form these attachments to people via a computer..but, the LORD does allow that..he has allowed this on-line blogging community to pull together, support one another in times of need, pray for one another and REJOICE together. As she put it I am glad to be a part of the blogging community and am enjoying the friendships I am forming. I hope I do this correctly. Here goes---

To my understanding this award is bestowed upon bloggers who write about issues close to their very own heart. I am honored that Ann-Marie thought this much of me also

The rules are as follows:
1)List 10 honest things about yourself
2)Pass this award on to 7 bloggers whom you feel are deserving of the Honest Scrap Award!

1.I played catcher on softball teams until about 12 years ago (The Knees). I was a tom boy my whole life, and loved every minute of it.

2. I love and collect Teddy Bears and Angels, ( I have a few dolls)

3. When I buy something new I avoid telling my husband so he won't get excited and hollar! Smile!

4. I would love to have Grandchildren from my son.

5. I am dreading my knee surgery!

6. I do not call my Son much because he doesn't call me and I don't think he wants to talk to me.

7. I would love for my DIL to love me like a mom or a friend.

8. I hate Steve driving a truck.

9. Putting things off til the last minute.

10. Love Brinkley so much it makes my Son and DIL jealous.

So here are my seven people to get this award

1. Babyhenderson

2. Tales from bloggeritaville

3. The Stallings Clan

4. The wonderful World of Whatleys of Helena

5. Apples of Gold

6. Sunbonnet Cottage

7. Dustbunny

Have fun. Looking forward to seeing your list. If you don't have time we will understand since I am new to this also.

Hugs to you all.


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hi Polly,
Thanks for playing along:)
Your #6 made me feel sad...I will pray for a change in that are a wonderful, deserving of being called a FRIEND..

Putz said...

ya, sons, i want my middle boy to have a third before he grows up to be a grandpa, my first boy has three so that is ok, my slefish girl in ashbourgh has two girls but husband wants to be rich and you can do that best not having kids.... one scitzophrenic boy so no grand kids there and a spinster daughter who dosen't date so no kids only one more possibility...that middle boy

Leigh said...

A very intesting list there.
My husband is so bad about calling people, in particular his relatives. He thinks he has to have a logical reason. I am not one that likes to just chat on the phone either, but I do try and explain to him that checking in, just to say I love you is reason enough.
His mom often thiks he doesnt like her because he doesnt call. I think it is a man thing. Try not to let it get you down.
I am sure that you are the best mom and mom in law that could be had.
I will pray for your knee surgery.

jennifer said...

Cool Polly! Thank you for thinking of me!

My daughter is signing up for her second year of softball this weekend. We will start being Ballpark parents again soon.

jennifer said...

And as for your son? I dunno - I pray that God will bless your relationship. I also pray that your knee surgery goes well.

Mrs. Darling said...

Loved reading your list. Memes like this help people get to know the blogger better. I too feel sad at #6. So sorry!