Friday, November 21, 2008

Steve Coming Home! Yeah!

Steve is on his way home from his last run, we haven't seen him all week. He had to go to Memphis to pick up his new Truck, (Pictures to follow) Brinkley will eat him up with kisses since he hasn't seen him all week. Steve called and wanted to know where was the last place Brinkley walked and I told him and he said oh well I will have to walk over the whole neighborhood (smile) after getting my face washed! hahaha

Sunday is Steve's work Christmas Brunch.....They have so many that our's is always before Thanksgiving....they have drawings and safety awards....I hope we win something good this year or just anything at all. Santa will be there, I never sit on his knee but I might just do that this year. (smile) If I do I will post the pictures just in case I break Santa's knee and he can't deliver gifts this year. :)

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jennifer said...

Oh WONDERFUL! I have always felt that kind of joy about seeing my husband come home from business trips.

Go ahead and sit on Santa's knee. But definitely post pics!